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Company Profile

J.T Party Products Limited is No.1 brand in blister printing industry, we have 15 years' experience in supplying halloween masks, party masks,etc., as well as serving more than 30 industries.

All the material we used are with RoHS, SGS and UL approved , PVC, PET, PS, PE, PC , ABS and latex products are available to produce.

Besides good quality and fast delivery, we have more advantages

--15 years of experience special in blister printing industry.

---OEM /ODM projects are accepted, we can design and produce as you required.

---We created Guinness Records in blister printing field
Thermal forming depth: more than 40cm                
Overall size: more than 1.1 x 1.9M                 

---Good quality and after-sale service.

For any OEM/ ODM orders , please feel free to contact us with your own design.

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